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The Jackets that save the world

WC/SWD: Fletch and I were watching some man channel with burly men doing manly things, like Ted Nugent bow hunting or something. I wasn’t paying attention, I was reading the Anthropologie catalog, when suddenly there were attractive men on the screen. Oh, it’s a commercial for some show.. but what? “Supernatural”, I had never heard of this show but I was intrigued by the pretty idea of another show having to do with supes (*note and holy cow, it’s been on since 2005?! I’m not surprised, I’ve never seen Lost, Grey’s Anatomy, or CSI anything). I asked East Coast Stacey about it.
EC:  I love this show! It has pretty boys, and I know that is a big Stacey plus. More than that it is a different take on the genre.  Not only do you have the vampires, werewolves etc., but also a fight between good vs. evil. God vs. the devil. Angels and demons, but it’s mixed up because who really is the good guy? Also, it’s VERY scary.  Okay, I just love Sam and Dean.

Looks like Stacey isn't the only one who loves them. (click this)

 WC:  So, I set it on the DVR list, (*side note- Now our DVR playlist is pretty funny. Me: Vampire Diaries, True Blood reruns, Supernatural, Being Human, Mad Men, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Dora the Explorer (for the kiddo, ya’ll). My husbands’s DVR ‘d shows: Whale Wars, Deadliest Catch, Holmes on Homes, Elk Fever, Hunt for Big Fish, Seasons on the Fly, World of Beretta, Skins (I am hoping this is a hunting show, but I don’t think soo…..)).  thinking, one day I’ll be able to get sucked into yet another cult series.

EC: Our DVR’s are very similar, my friend! But throw in some Dr. Who and Dexter for me.  Oh and some Top Gear, Yankees games and F1 Racing.  Wait a sec…isn’t Skins a ‘dirty’ teen show on BBC America? Is Fletch trying to hide it from you? Hmm… at my house we like the teen show Inbetweeners on BBC America, so I wouldn’t be surprised.

We're looking for some Angels... Like Stacey and Stacey

WC: Flash forward to the next Friday. I’m at the gym, on the treadmill, when I casually look up to see what is on the closest TV. It’s an attractive dude in a business suit in an elevator, talking/ yelling/ arguing with another attractive young dude in a cadet jacket. Looks promising. Ohhh, suit dude attacked jacket! They roll out of the elevator fighting (mind you, there is no sound, just the closed captioned type)! Someone throws a burlap hood over Suit’s head and bludgeons him repeatedly as blood soaks through the fabric. Whoa, this just got a hell of a lot more interesting. Oh look, and I’m already at a running pace without realizing it. Yada yada yada, some more stuff happens, I think Suit is dead, but no. He is brought to some ramshackled  house and the hood is removed, he is perfectly fine, tied up, restrained, and covered in blood (ahhh, dreamy) but fine. OK, covered in blood and smirking, Suit looks kind of Eric Northman-esque. Needless to say I am sucked in.

Here we are, gentlemen!

 EC:  Supernatural is full of the carnage, even more than Vampire Diaries.  Which is quite bold of the WB, home to Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill. Last season’s Devil and Angel saga was full blood and scary stuff. This show is perfect for a Halloween marathon.  I also like how the funny is mixed in to the perfect degree. Don’t forget, when they play the song Don’t Fear The Reaper, during the recap of the previous episodes, it just sums the whole show up.
WC: Oh I love that song.. the version they play in “Scream.”Creeptastic!
Awe… Get Some
WC:  Then Cadet Jacket is joined by cute Fatigue Jacket and they are confronting Suit about something. Stuff happens and I realize Suit is a bad guy and the Army Jackets are the good guys. Of course they are, they’re hot, yet wholesome looking. Hey wait, is that…is Fatigue Jacket “Dean” from “Gillmore Girls?” When did he become a man? Because he was a scrawny kid when I watched that show, when I was in my mid twenties. Alexis Bledell or Lauren Graham (or me) didn’t age, did we? Dammit delusional chick time machine mind.
EC: First, I miss Gilmore Girls.  I love it so much I watch the reruns on the Family Channel.  I also loved Dean, but my sister loved the dude from Heroes, Milo something. Fun note, my college boyfriend looked like Logan and was also evil. (Feat Lil J, you know who…) Oh and Stacey, we didn’t age at all, because we are forever young and cute like Lauren Graham.
WC: Totally feasible thanks to Revitalift.
EC: By the way, the guy who plays Supernatural’s Dean, was Eric Brady on Days of Our Lives.  I might of had a gigantic crush on him in High School and would be “sick”, so I could watch him. Now I watch reruns of Supernatural to get my daily fix. (I have not grown up at all.)

We never outgrow a bromance, but ewwww, they're supposed to be real brothers.

 WC:  So, more stuff happens. A creepy guy with yellow eyes (definitely not golden Edward Cullen eyes, more like venomous snake eyes… you know, like LeStew or Lil Kim, but yellow and more demon-y) shows up with some invisible hounds of hell. Then they pour salt everywhere. Mmmm, salt, invisible dogs, JCREW jackets… this is my kind of show!

Creepy eye colage. Pet Semetary eyes added for extra creepiness, and balance.

EC: Scary demon! Yay! This show is so full of win. Oh and I want Uncle Bobby to be my demon fighting uncle. I loved that actor when he was on HBO’s Deadwood, too!
WC: I don’t know who Uncle Bobby is yet (I’m bad with names), but was he the one on Deadwood that would say “c-suckers” a lot? … oh wait, that was the whole cast.
WC:  After watching the new episodes, I am still completely lost, but I am totally on board. Between shape shifting babies, Parker Lewis, Djinn fighting and manly hotness, I’ll be along for the ride, with Sam and Dean, speeding off into the sunset in their shiny, black, manly, muscle cars.
EC:  You have just completely, sumed up why I love this show! Now you need to catch up with the previous seasons! You will not be disappointed

Do you love Supernatural, too? Let us know what you think!

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4 Responses to “Supernatural- the Show”

  1. “Dammit delusional chick time machine mind.” OMG. Story of my life! I still think 1994 was 4 or 5 years ago.

    Might have to start watching Supernatural. I don’t think there’s anything else that I watch Fridays at 9.

  2. I knew it!!! U luv this show bc of Dean!!! Luv him too!!!

  3. just started watching this show tonight and love it!
    i knew you guys would have posted about it at some point hahah yayy!

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