Pictionary Is Fun At All Ages

posted by East Coast Stacey

Vampire Diaries Recap Episode 4: “Memory Lane”

* Hey look out! Spoilers on the way! *

EC: First there is something that bothered me in this episode. The fact that I have been watching this show, since the beginning and this is just now bothering me shows you the power of Ian Somerhalder. Here’s my problem…where are the Southern accents? Even our buddy Confederate Jasper from Twilight has more of a southern accent.

Confederate Jasper

I'm the model linguist

This show takes place in the South! I spent every summer of my youth in South Carolina visiting my dad’s family and trust me, Vampire Diaries needs some, ‘Ya’all’s’ and ‘Honeys’ thrown in there. At least in the flashbacks! I just needed to get that off my chest. Luckily, the eye candy is strong and can easily make me forget again.
SWD: I didn’t even realize it was in the South! I thought they were in New Hampshire or SMTH. Side note-Did they say ‘Dude’ on The OC? Because if they didn’t, then it would be as phony as the Vampire Diaries dialects.
EC: Woo Hoo! Katherine is back! She can manipulate Stefan’s dreams. She threw all of her vampire buddies under the bus, so they became kindling. She knows about the paperweight…I mean mystical wolf stone. That girl is hardcore and I love it.
SWD: and her hair is so pretty.

EC: Wait, now that I have seen the entire episode…she loves Stefan more than Damon. Now, I will admit my admiration of Team Emo (Stefan) has grown. Helped by the shackling Katherine in chains and burning her with vervain. Got a little S&M vibe there, Stefan, my boy.
SWD: I know! The vervain sprig was sooo french tickler…. But then he spikes her (*note to Stefan, not the spike she was looking for)
EC: However…she wants you OVER Damon, the snarky that is Damon. I don’t get it. I was getting mad at Katherine about the way she was treating old school Damon.

Why doesn't she Love HIM

EC: Now I love the flashback dresses! Reminds me of Gone with the Wind. But, what is exactly up with the men’s hair back then? Yikes, fluffy Damon hair! Absolutely no hair product to tame the mess that is their hair.

VD Historical costumes

I do declare, we need some REDKEN

SWD: …and that red flashback dress.. too die for. Queen Sophie Anne and Alice would approve. I agree about the hair too. Couldn’t Damon slick that down with some goose blood or something? I have Damon hair- dark, wavy in places, fluffy in the wind. It needs product and a few heat operated styling devices. I’m guessing a fire poker wouldn’t really work as a hair straightener. I would have been a hat girl back then. Maybe we could give Damon some hats. Mr. Lincoln was fond of them.

EC: Is Tyler always pissy?
SWD: yes
EC: It is like Jeremy aka ‘Whiny, the Vampire Slayer’. Please, make these guys well rounded. I am normally somewhat a pacifist, but every single time they are on screen, I want someone to kill them. Then I feel bad, because that isn’t very nice.
SWD: Oh here’s where I can help, Stace, I’m a fascist anarchist. Lately, I want them all to die! See, I make you look like the nice one. (No, I don’t really know what that means, but it sounds badass). Speaking of whiny, where was he this epi? And where was WitchBonnie? Maybe Jeremy was acting as her broomstick.. you know… ‘cause she’s a witch and all. They still use broomsticks for transport, no? I’ll have to ask Lafayette. Oh he says they all have Prius’s now, but they still appreciate a good broomstick ride.

EC: My television almost exploded…too much hotness on the screen.

Hottie Showdown

SWD: Yes,! …when Alaric, Damon, and Uncle Mayo were all in the same place. The coals for the BBQ ignited themselves. Did you notice the permagrin on Aunt Jinny/ Jenna? And also her boobie shirt? I know if they were coming to my house, I would definitely make a stop at BEBE for a good boobie shirt.
EC: Now, Twilight…this (VD) is an example of a series full of hot men. Now I love you Twilight boys, but now not as much (Pattinson and Xavier excluded). WC Stacey (SWD), you will disagree, but I find them a tad bit hotter than the True Blood guys. Don’t be mad…it’s just a tiny bit.
SWD: No, I agree with you. There is more hot guy per capita on Vampire Diaries than True Blood. But True Blood does have Eric, who counts as like 5 hot guys because he’s so tall, and old. ..and hot. But wait… Alcide, Stace, he counts for like 4.5 for the same reasons as Eric, except the old part.
EC: Look at the triangle of lovely with Uncle Mayo, Damon and Alaric. You can’t beat that. The antagonism between Mayo and Damon equals hot. The bromance between Damon and Alaric also equals hot. Jenna is one lucky girl. sigh.
SWD: Did you catch the bromance “come hither” look as Mayo was leaving?
EC: Pictionary, Peach Cobbler, Guitar Hero and shots with hot guys. Best BBQ ever! I also enjoyed all of my Damon’s wolf innuendos. My favorite exchange was this: Damon calling Uncle Mayo a ‘lone wolf’ and Uncle mayo calling Damon, “a lady killer’. They are so cute together.
SWD: That was good, this show has better dog/ wolf innuendos than any other. Oh yeah, it was peach cobbler. I kept thinking it was “warm apple pie” like from “American Pie” and my inner Jim snickered when Uncle Mayo shoved his hand in it and said, “I’m an animal”.
EC: So Stefan… Katherine threatens your woman and you won’t kill her. Hmm…don’t love her…hmm…Keep telling yourself that, pumpkin!
SWD: She (Elena) is kind of annoying. He might want her dead too, but he’s emo and can’t really think it. That would break the emo vamp code.
EC: Doppelganger showdown! Wait that was a bit of a let down. Degrassi is still doing a great job playing the two characters. Mostly as Katherine though.

EC: Ahh…the fake breakup. This is not going to go well…

SWD: This was Elena and Stefan’s New Moon moment! I kept waiting for “Possibility” to start playing. When Stefan said to Elena, after she said, “I don’t want her to come between us”, “…she already has.” It was his version of Edward’s, “I don’t want you to come”. But Stefan does want her to, because it’s the Vampire Diaries and they have sex.

EC: I hope theirs is a bit more excitement in the next episode, Bonnie and shirtless men. I missed that the most.
SWD: I think we all did.

4 Responses to “Pictionary Is Fun At All Ages”

  1. So funny!!! I luv the comparison of how many hawt guys there are on these shows! All I have to say is that Uncle Mason is the hottest guy I’ve seen on TV. WCS can gave Alex, ESC can have her ROB & Ian sandwich fantasy & I want Uncle Mason!!! Thank you cw for providing me with much needed eye candy

  2. Twi Mom(not like on O) Says:

    You girls crack me up!! I have to put in my guess as to how the next few weeks will go. Damon will go after Elena hard core because he thinks they are really broken up. Stephan will tell Elena to go along with it to keep her safe from Katherine. She will endup dating Damon and wham we are right back to a real love triangle between the three not just Elena denying her feeling for Damon. Please note that this is not how I want things to go but I am pretty sure this is how it will go.

  3. robsfuturemate Says:

    I love how you girls ‘break it down’!
    ” Not the spike she was looking for” FTW!!!

    I’ve always thought I was a Stefan kind of girl, but the last few weeks I’m really liking Damon! Of course, none compare with thePretty!

    I also loved Elena and Stefan’s New Moon moment. Even more so when I heard my friend Tyrone Wells’ music playing!! Had to go back and listen to the convo again!!

  4. […] But the hair would be a problem. We have discussed “Flashback” hair in an earlier, “Vampire Diaries” post where we thought Damon’s current hair didn’t translate into the past verra […]

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