The Rolling Stone Cover

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Last month’s Rolling Stone cover featured our favorite True Blood love triangle. Anna, Stephen and #HotAlex shed their clothes for art, and we’re not complaining. This cover is just too crazy not to discuss. Besides providing me with about a hundred impure thoughts manip/ photoshop ideas, this cover could also double as an add for loofahs, sunscreen and Jergens lotion. Look what glowy smooth skin they all have (and there’s a lot of it)! Who got to drizzle the fake blood on them? ’cause I want that job. I’m a good drizzler too, I’m meticulous when I prepare our veggies and meat with extra virgin olive oil, for grilling. I’m sure it’d be the same, but with better meat.

Rolling Stone Cover


This just screams to be photoshoppped/ manipped by the fans, no?
EC: I bow down to the Queen of the manips.

SWD * Note (I didn’t do the initial photoshopping of the following two manips…. but the rest, well…)

So there were some, ehm, subtractions…

cover No sookie

Two's Company

EC: I prefer that! Sorry Sookie, but they are all anybody needs!

And that opens the flood gates…


Laffy joins the pah-tay!

Hey Guys, I want to join in the fun!

snowwhitedrifted joins the party

I'll take this over those silly dwarves any day

EC: Wait! I want in too! Can I be a princess like Ariel or Belle? Hee hee, Disney Princesses and vampires.

Of course, Stace (EC)!


Oh yeah, this beats the beast!

Lets cross swords worlds here and add some of our Twilight pretties into the mix.
EC: I’m scared, yet attracted at the same time…


Who's sparkling now, bitches?

(*note of course Mr. Snow did bring home the Lady Gaga issue, pictured with the guns and ass, so he really can’t talk)

One Response to “The Rolling Stone Cover”

  1. It’s horrific but I can’t help PMSL. There were a few customer complaints about that cover at the store where I work.

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