Do Plaid Things: Sam’s shirts

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An Ode to the shirts of True Blood’s Sam Merlotte.

Quintessential Sam Puppy goodness

Ah Sam, your almost too tight western shirts are just too good not to mention. They embody you, you know, when you are actually in clothes and not running around in the forest, naked, after squirrels, deer, pigs, maenads, cows, etc.


1. Sunshiny Goodness

1.Here we have early Sam. It is a bright and cheery shirt, probably worn during some time with Sookie. It shows his connection to her sunbathing lightness.


2. Sams blue F* Me shirt

2.This is how you won us over, you dog, in the beginning of the show. You’d wear a nice blue that complimented your shaggy scruff. We loved it, we bit.  Also, notice the snap buttons on most of the shirts. Easy off for quicker shifting.


3. Plaid Epaulets

3.This “dude” shirt shows a playful Sam, probably with a good sense of humor. C’mon, it’s plaid on the shoulders, no one is going to think you have a dark side in your “Even  Cowboys Sing the Blues” shirt. Good way for Alan Ball to trick us into trusting Sam.

4. Get Some

4. Ahh, here you are comforting the Sook. You look nonthreatening and welcoming in blue. It’s drawing Sookie in. This is Sam’s date shirt.

Cuffs? or Wet?

5. Cuffs? or Wet?

5.Here’s a sexier Sam. It’s even tighter and the sleeves are shorter. I’m assuming it’s summertime in Bon Temps. At first look, it appears like waitress sleeve-type cuffs, but on closer look, I think it’s just wet. See, what I mean? Sam, wet shirt situations= sexy.

Shirts and Weaponry

6. Shirts and Weaponry, hinting at a bad ass?

6.Here you are with some sort of fighting object. This is hinting to us that you are going to roll up those plaid sleeves and get your hands dirty, up to your elbows, in vamp mess.

7. Sam the BAMF

7. Yep, I’m right. You wear a black shirt when you go on your whiskey and rage induced rampage. Sure, it does have white piping, but that just shows there is still a little goodness (and humor, ’cause c’mon, white piping? On a dude? *snickers*). Gone are the delicate days of beige for Sam. If you did shoot Tommy, I am assuming you will be looking very Johnny Cash in Season 4.

8. The Yin and Yang of Sam

8. Ah, the Season Finale shirt. We know, even with the crazy flashbacks and the weirdness with the Mickens, that our good ‘ol Sam is in there somewhere, as this shirt shows. It is both black and white, intermingling within itself. It shows the inner conflict of good and evil in Sam. This shirt represents Sam’s struggle.

In conclusion, a lot can be said about the progression of the shirts. Both stylish and  clingy, yet telling, Sam’s shirts are nothing less than “fetching”. I sense a trend coming on.

Bitches are fierce

Bitches are Fierce

See what I mean. LeStew ALWAYS copies the hot dude’s shirt style.

But it may be catchy…

I take my Sam shirt seriously. You don't mess with SWD in a Sam shirt

…like when I spotted this bad boy in Target, I just couldn’t pass it up. I wanted a piece of Merlotte… I mean Merlotte’s epicness.

< Now that’s sheer!

All in all, I think next season will be the Season of the missing shirts, if we are going by the books. So, expect this look for our Sammy next summer!

*side note* Every dog song imaginable came on the internet radio I was listening to while writing this post. I swear to Dog.


11 Responses to “Do Plaid Things: Sam’s shirts”

  1. Bitches ARE fierce! Preach it Staceys! Oh Sam, Sam, Sam Sam, put on that black shirt & mosey on over here. I like the canids…ask the Staceys, they know.

  2. You’re so funny Eat My Jorts! More wolf goodness in the next Vampire Diaries recap!

    I love Sunshiney Sam! He’s my favorite!

    Oh Stace (WC) I might have one of those shirts too! Abercrombie edition!

  3. I just learned who Sam was thanks to SWD’s Chapter 5. I like. I also may have spent an inordinate amount of time googling him …
    also, does anyone else think he looks a little like Colin Farrell?

  4. Yeah his shirts are awesome

  5. um this post is all for ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  8. sweetinator88 Says:

    mmmmmm Sam :]

    i saw some Merlotte’s waitress shirts at FYE and told my friend that id buy it for her if shed buy it for me for Christmas, so i got hers, and she STILL hasnt gotten it for me. so im holding hers hostage, still wrapped up under the tree >:]


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    some Sam shirts,but Witch Bonnie makes great wardrobe choices as
    well. In almost every post, we mention some sort […]

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