Look Tinkerbell, Stefan Can Fly

posted by East Coast Stacey
* Like a fish has to swim, a recap needs spoilers! *
EC:  Let me first say, I will be rereading the Vampire Diaries books, you see “Steve” and I had an interesting conversation about the show and the books.  You see, back in the day, during the first release of the books, “Steve” and I read them religiously.  They must have made a lasting impression, because we remember nada.  We do think that the show is probably nothing like the books, which is not a concern.  Not only, because it stars Ian Somerhalder, but Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec are really making it an enjoyable show.  Is it perfect? Nah.  That just makes it even more special 


EC:  You know what the first thing I thought of when Caroline was sucking down the blood from the IV bag? Bella with the using a straw to suck up her cup o’blood.  It’s less disturbing watching Caroline doing it, because you know she’s not pregnant.
snowwhitedrifted: Yes, I thought, Hey look, the blood bag is like a Vampire Capri Sun pouch.

EC:  This show and their Cougaritas.  I love it.  Watching my boy, Damon get all flirty with them, is funny.  Wait there’s my new boyfriend, Uncle Mayo! SWD came up with this and I love it! (I now know it‘s Mason, but honestly, it took forever to understand what they were saying. Enunciate, people!). Tyler has no shirt on, your turn Mayo…wait for it…no…now…no…fine.  Tyler will do.  Hey what were they saying? I was too busy willing Mayo to shed himself of the sweaty shirt.    

Arm Wrestling

Hottie (well one hottie and one coldie) arm wrestling

SWD: I was really tired when I was watching this. I kept falling asleep and having to rewind back to the homoerotic semi-shirtless wolf scene with Uncle Mayo’s aggressive tendencies intervention speech. I also liked the arm wrestling. Man activites are so cute when supes do them. 

 EC:  Damon is worried about the “secret” of the Lockwoods.  Hey, Pretty Blue Eyes I figured that one out last season.  Some good lines in this scene…
Damon:  “All the forest animals band together to fight back…”
Then Stefan finally gets in a good one: “Sorority girl sipping for dinner”

EC:  This Caroline plot is frustrating me in two ways.  First I wanted Whiny the Vampire Slayer to actually become the vampire.  Wait…no…he would still be emo and we already have our Edward in Stefan.  Okay, then this:  they are going to make Caroline a good vampire, because her love of Matt.  I am playing a tinny tiny violin.  Caroline could be hardcore and give Katherine a run for her money. She showed potential in the Damon showdown. Then she kills the potential Bonnie boyfriend… BTW, that young lady is a messy eater.
SWD: I kind of dig her as a vamp, girlfriend has got some good crying skills. I liked when Stefan turned into her youth group counselor and coached her through her face phasing. He’d make a good birthing coach, you know, if you didn’t get the drugs. I didn’t have a birthing coach, I opted for the drugs. In fact, I wanted the epidural the moment I found out I was pregnant. Tangent. But Stefan tells Caroline to just exhale away her eye wrinkles. I tried that, it doesn’t work.

EC:  Bonnie! Could the girl get at least a little something from the boys?  She’s cute, she dresses nice and she would burn up a vampire with a look.  I have a feeling our friend, Julie Plec is looking at Willow from her days at Buffy for inspiration.  Now if you give her a wolf boyfriend in a band and then make her a lesbian, I will call a serious foul! I am still a little bitter about when my OZ left Buffy.
SWD: Did you see her boots in the fire scene? Cute. I went to Off Broadway to get some. 
EC:  Team Jacob shirts! ha!
SWD: Wait, what’s with “Team Jacob Shirts” What did I miss? Is this the part where I fell asleep and spilled wine on my house jorts, not bothering to rewind because my dog was sleeping on the remote?  


EC: Know what was funny, when Mayo beat Stefan at arm wrestling.  Oh and the Ninja Turtles and werewolves comparison.  Oh Stefan.  
SWD: There were a lot of turtle references this week on Supe shows. First, on True Blood, Sookie says “…as useless as tits on a turtle” Then we have another turtle reference on Vampire Diaries.


Turtle popularity soars!

Did the turtle coalition write an email to the AVL? 

EC: Whiny and Damon lovefest?  Eat him, Damon. Please.  Pretty please.  Or magically make him less whiny. Nah, snap his neck.
SWD: Seriously. Whiny the Vampire Slayer laced Damon’s liquor with vervain. That’s not right. You do NOT mess with  a man’s booze. Sure, bang his woman, steal his car.. but hands off of the Jim Beam.
EC: Bonnie was going to make Damon a crispy critter like TB’s Russell.  Those two and their messed up sexual tension.
SWD: They’re so gonna do it. I guess episode 10.

EC:  Something with the Lockwood’s and a pretty stone.  I was only paying attention to Mayo’s pretty.  Hey, I think I saw that same exact stone at the craft store called AC Moore.  I can pick up one for you, Mayo.  They recommend it to use when making decorative paperweights!
SWD: I thought it looked like a big ice cube. But it did take me back to my high school, crystal wrapping days. Ah, Hippie handicrafts.   

EC:  Oh boy, Stefan you can fly! Just like Tinkerbell! Alright and True Blood’s Eric can too.  If you started to sparkle, I was going to get Stephenie Meyer’s digits from the girls at LTT and have her sue the plaid shirt right off of you.

Flying Critter

Don't try this on EmoVamp

SWD: Did you hear he even said to Elena, “Hold on tight”. I shouted out “spidermonkey” because, well, you have to. He looked stupid flying. Even Eric looks retarded flying. If the viking god of vampires looks douche-y doing it, don’t try this with Stefan. 

EC:  Umm…Williamson did we not discuss the need for Alaric on last week’s recap?  Do not disappoint me next week.  You have been warned.  Miss you too, Katherine!  
SWD: Alaric just better be off in the Bahamas, unscheduleable for the beginning of season 2. I’m thinking, if he has been gone this long, they will bring him back with a bang. I offer my services for that. *smiles*

5 Responses to “Look Tinkerbell, Stefan Can Fly”

  1. Yeah!!!! Uncle Mason. Love the pics this week of the various animals – if there is a pic of Uncle Mason without his shirt on-pls post ASAP!!!! Can’t wait until the next post of this Thurs epi!!!

  2. Love this! You guys make me laugh! I love the turtle colition comment! heheh

    I totally thought-shouted “Spider Monkey” during that scene too!

    Did you guys catch the twi reference earlier too? Elaina says something to Bonnie like “we are out of prizes, we need more stuffed animals and Team Jacob tshirts” lmao!

  3. Twi Mom(not like on O) Says:

    This whole post was so spot on!! My sister and I had almost the exact same convo when we watch it.
    I YELLED Spider Monkey at the screen when he “flew”.
    The Team Jacob T’s.HEEHEE
    And while he is very very Hot, Damon is a bit slow. I had the whole thing figured out lst season when HOTTIE Alaric pulled Tyler’s Dad off of him in the parking lot when they were fighting.
    Please eat Whinny!! HAHA!! I also felt the same way about Vicki last season. When she was drunk I so wanted Damon to just killer her, killer her, but instead he changed her which really made me mad.
    I feel like I am just repeating you both but I also wanted Caroline to stay bad she could have really messed w/ Damon and I would have liked to see her be a bad a$$.
    and finally yes Alaric must come back, this is my eye candy show and their is def no such thing as too much eye candy!!!

  4. Okay, so basically, I just realised this was here. So ignore part 2 comment in LTT comments. Imma read this when I get home from work. It’s times like these when I fully consider getting a phone that actually has internet access so I can read FF blogs on my commute home!

  5. AHH I totally yelled “spider monkey” too!! So glad I wasn’t the only one.
    And I missed the Team Jacob shirts…need to go back and watch.

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