Vampires and Italian Food

posted by snowwhitedrifted (West Coast Stacey)

I watch Vampire Diaries really early in the morning, really, really early, like 5:30 AM- long before I’ve eaten breakfast (which is a berry Power Bar in the car on my way to work, not very satisfying when you’ve been watching a smörgåsbord of Italian food… can it still be a smörgåsbord if it’s Italian? I don’t care. I’m keeping the scandinavian reference, because, well… you know). It seems, every other episode, they are unpacking some delectable goodies from a large take out bag. Various pastas, salads, and of course numerous pizza deliveries have graced my computer screen. Besides whetting my appetite for tomato based goodness, and peeking my curiosity about how they can possibly afford all of that take out, I noticed that Italian food is almost always the food of choice in Vampire shows.     

EC Stace: Also for creatures that hate the garlic, those Salvatore bros, sure do like the smell on Elena. No freesia lovin here (Twi).    



Infamour Merlotte's Pickles

The exception to this is True Blood. You know, ’cause it’s set in the South. Grits, pancakes cooked in bacon grease, and gumbo, ya’ll. And don’t get me started on my desire for a Merlotte’s burger… oh Sam, those pickles.

EC Stace: I love Sam’s pickle… I mean pickles 

C’mon, who hasn’t craved mushroom ravioli after a viewing of Twilight? Or perhaps some prosciutto hand sliced by Carlisle for Bella’s Italiano? 


Carlisle's Prosciutto


So, is marinara supposed to be the human metaphor for blood consumption? Hell if I know, I just want some veal parm.    

Italian food

Breakfast for Vampire lovers?





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