Intro to the Supe

Life works in mysterious ways and this real life tale begins with a pretty boy. All good stories should start with one, so this one follows suit. One day, this pretty boy walked onto the television screen of two different houses on two different coasts. He strutted into a cafeteria with his tight fitted shirt, ruffled hair, sly smile and hungered for a girl. Everything about her sang to him. At the same time, he was “singing” to the girls. What were these two girls, one in the east and the other the west, to do with this new found knowledge of the pretty boy and the humor that he could inspire? Their husbands would certainly divorce them, when they discovered that their wives “coveted” this pretty boy and the books that gave him a disturbing rise to celebrity and arm hair pulling.


It all starts with a choice. A choice to become a fan of the supe.

Separately, the girls discovered a website created by two other lovely girls on opposite sides of the country called, Letters to Twilight. It opened a world of new friends, experiences and humor that made them feel complete. They had discovered not only that they shared a first name, but they were so alike that they were “cosmic twins”. The same occupations, college majors, sorority, husbands who look like quirky actors and a love of boys who play supernatural creatures.


Salvatore brothers are supe goodness

For our new friends a brief introduction:

East Coast Stacey – I hail from the northeast, but I’m originally from the upper south. I’m married and I am the mother to two ginger haired moppets. I now spend my days being chauffer to children, writing fanfiction and love musical sass. I read the original “Twilight”, Vampire Diaries in high school. I also watched Buffy and Angel with my dad. (He might just be a unicorn.)


WC/ Ssnowwhitedrifted- I say inappropriate things. I live in the OC and I married Fletch (seriously, my husband IS young Chevy Chase). I’m late to the party but I’ve always had an acute fondness for supes. I read Twilight in November, The Sookie books/ True Blood in June and started the Vampire Diaries show in September. However, I fell hard and fast for all of these things. My day job is designing t-shirts for a custom screen printing company as well as some freelance tee designs for other blogs (LTT ya’ll!). I enjoy wine, running (well, I don’t really enjoy it, but I enjoy stopping) and talking about my boobs. I’m also a mom to a 3 year old girl. She, along with Fletch, hate all things dark. Thank goodness I found Stace!

The East and West became friends and started co-writing letters that were posted on their favorite blog, There was something missing, however, a hole that needed to be filled. There were other supernatural movies, television and books that contained cute male characters that needed a voice. Would the Staceys’ forget about that pretty boy who drives a Volvo. Never! It was time for that pretty boy to learn how to share his Staceys. That is how Talk Supe was born.


Oh Sookie, what a choice.

5 Responses to “Intro to the Supe”

  1. TeamJacobEdward Says:

    Crap! I need to watch Vampire Diaries stat!

    When my friend told me I “have” to read Twilight, I crinkled my nose and was like, “vampires? Really?”

    Before Twilight made me swoon for vampires my only association with them was Buffy the Vampire Slayer… And I’m not talking about the TV show. That’s right, I’m talking that movie in the 90s with Luke Perry. The one that is slotted as a”horror” but when I went to buy it to watch it with a friend who’d never seen it, I went looking for it in comedy. The vamps in that movie were not shmexy so no excitement for vampires was had there… Luke Perry on the other hand…

    My birthday is in a few weeks, Vampire Diaries series just jumped to the top of my wish list so I don’t feel clueless here. You girls are too fun to miss out on contributing to the conversation from a tiny little detail like ever seeing Vamp Diaries. Plus I’m turning 30 so I’ll need something to make me feel better like vampire hotness to ogle. 😉

    • SWD here,
      Oooh, I JUST got the vampire diaries too (I’m on epi 12 I think). I was on the fence too, but I really like it. It’s a $40 investment that reaps it’s rewards.

  2. robsfuturemate Says:

    Just found your site! I love you guys on LTT and think it’s great you have another outlet for your creativity! I’m not into TB but love the Diaries and obvs Twilight! It’s nice to have a place where you can discuss it all!

  3. I’ve loved your letters you’ve written on LTT! I’m so glad y’all started your own site. Now I have even more outlets for supes!

  4. I wish I had a west coast doppelganger. You ladies are lucky.

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