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Being Human: The Best Supe Show You Should Be Watching

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Being Human

Watch us, we do cool things

A Vampire, a Werewolf and a Ghost walk into a bar… nope, not a joke, they actually do in the exceptional show Being Human that aired two seasons on BBC America.  Here is a special plea to get more people on the bandwagon and watching this show.  The first two seasons are on DVD now and  I am already ready for season three.   Not to spoil it, but a great cliffhanger! So here it are some reasons to watch this show.  Trust me it’s worth it.


Yeah, THIS

1. It’s British!-  Now, don’t get me wrong, I love True Blood, Vampire Diaries, Twilight and Supernatural. But the British do it better. Sci-fi shows (Dr. Who. Love you David Tennant!), car shows (Top Gear), comedies (Coupling), Dramas (Monarch of the Glen), boy wizards and British boys who play sparkling vampires. That makes it no surprise they have the most exciting and scary of the supernatural shows.

SWD:  I loved Are You Being Served. Made me feel so tan.

2. The Relationships- You take a werewolf, vampire and ghost throw them into a house and you find yourself with a quite functional relationship between the three.  Sometimes it gets stressed, but the leads Mitchell (Vampire), George (Werewolf) and Annie (Ghost) work well together. (SWD: Think British “Three’s Company” but without Mr. Ferley and this Chrissy is a dude, well, a were dude, who’s very smart) None of that wolf/vamp tension like Edward and Jacob or Alcide and Bill.  It’s a love fest between those kids.  Oh and the possibilities of a love fest between them would be …nice.

3. Ghosts!- They don’t make an appearance often in our American supe shows and movies (except Supernatural).  Being Human takes the idea of ghosts and makes them exciting. I will admit that Annie is my favorite character.  She’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but I have a girl crush on her and her outfit.  I mean, I REALLY want that outfit. It’s cute! Also the ghosts are a mystery.  A scary one.  There are these doors that lead somewhere, but it doesn’t appear to be heaven.  Because, whatever is behind those doors is angry and you do not want to mess with them. These sure aren’t Casper the Friendly Ghost!

SWD: Yes! I want those gray sweaters, and the cool slipper boots. She always looks so cozy, but maybe it’s because she’s always surrounded by cups of tea. It’s comforting.



4. Scary Werewolves- In an earlier post, I mentioned I like True Blood and Vampire Diaries authentic looking wolves better than Twilight’s CGI giant puppies.  I like Being Human’s wolves the best, because they are threatening! Even the change into a wolf is scary.  These American weres/shifters have it easy.  Look at True Blood’s Sam Merlotte.



When he shifts into a bird, he just poofs into it.  George and Nina (a girl wolf, but not as snarly as Leah) transform into snarling beasts and it’s not pretty.  You don’t want one of those big boys to chase you, because it would be messy.

SWD: Actually these werewolves freak me out. I have residual fear leftover from seeing “An American Werewolf in London” at a too early, age 8. I’m still traumatized by “the change”. I am still afraid of feet with high arches. Also, I’m not really liking Nina, but I have only seen her this season, with the GIANT chip on her shoulder. Then again, I’d be pissed too. But because I’d want to be a vampire, by Mitchell, not a hairy drooly wolf. See, I already have issues with dog hair (white dogs, black floor), I wouldn’t want any more. Vampire on the other hand… I understand “The Thirst”. Have you read some of my drunk tweets?

Wolf End

After... That ain't Jacob!

Mr Sparkly

Bedazzled Vamp

5. British Vampires Don’t Sparkle- Okay, one does, but Pattinson is playing an American and it’s Twilight, so ‘sparklepants’ is the exception.  Mitchell, on the other hand, can walk in the sunshine and not look like a disco ball. It’s refreshing, helps plot development, but I do wish Mitchell had one of the Vampire Diaries Salvatore Brothers’ nifty rings.  A fashion accessory that is a must for vampires in the fall fashion season. Which is also better than Eric and Bill wanting a Sookie snack to walk in the sun. Poor Sookie…always a tasty treat for those boys.
SWD: Maybe  it’s his skinny jeans that enable the daywalking. Or perhaps the little gloves.

6. When Being Human Vampire’s Go Bad They Go Very Bad – When a good vampire goes to the dark side on some of our favorite supe shows and movies, it lasts maybe an episode of brooding, making stressed out blood lust faces and maybe biting one person.  Oh… and feeling really bad about it afterwards. Or they pull a Twilight Edward and run for the hills to off themselves. (that boy is the King of Emo.  VD Stefan a close second) Mitchell? He goes bad boy to the extreme.  He’s a vampire and that is supposed to be scary.  He’s scary alright.  It is too good to spoil…just watch!


Human gesture before badness ensues

7. The Best Cliffhangers for the Next Season-  The good show writers at Being Human did something so right…made me want more!  So much more, that if it doesn’t come back I will cry.  Too many unanswered questions and the fate of a favorite left in the air!

Being Human is something you should really watch! Or maybe, you do and want to chat about it.  The Staceys’ inquiring minds want to know! Is you curiosity peeked? You want to swoon over the adorkableness of George. (I have a little crush on that wolfboy)? Let us know in the comments! We would love to hear from you!

Sending our love to those lovely Brits, Irish and Scottish friends,

EC Stacey and WC Stacey (SWD)

Bite me, sunlight

If This Van’s a Rockin’… It’s Just a Werewolf

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Vampire Diaries Recap epi 3: “Bad Moon Rising”

* Recaps and spoilers walk hand in hand. *


EC: Talk about coincidences! After our ‘epic’ were/shifters interviews, here’s a Vampire Diaries starring those hairy cuties. I am enjoying your pretty, Uncle Mayo! Hey there, Meathead…I mean Tyler.
SWD: Ah yes, the Lockwood boys frolicking in the woods….Mmmmmm delt p0rn. Why is Tyler wearing Eric’s black tank top? Look, Tyler is running into some sort of room. Is it the basement of Fangtasia? Where’s Eric? Did the tank lead him there?

EC: He’s back! Thank you Kevin Williamson! I am going to kiss…Alaric and give you a cookie! What else…Super Bromance Road Trip to Duke. Alaric, Damon and…what? Degrassi? Ugh. I just wanted the boys driving in the SUV, listening to boy tunes like Metallica, eating messy fast food. Alaric maybe McDonald’s and Damon probably (sorry PETA!) a cat. Talking about boobs. But no, Degrassi is along for the ride, so everybody will be on their best behavior.
SWD *sarcastically*: Sucks to be her!

StefanWard: Vamp Camp counselor of the week

EC: Let’s discuss, our buddy Camp Counselor, Stefan. Camp Vamp: Learning to be a Happy Vampire in a week. Alright the gray tee and those jeans. Come on Stefan. I have enough celebrity boy crushes, Did you have to put on some Edward Cullen wear? Where is the non-threatening plaid shirt.

SWD: Oh Stefan’s Cullenizing Caroline, with this vegan-hunt-in-the-woods thing, of course he’s got to dress like one. They are hunting rabbitts, look out Bugs, the Fudds are coming

Elmer Fudd


This was also where he gave his “I’m an emo” speech. Way to go there StefanWard.

EC: I like Stefan and Caroline. He was actually, I can’t believe I’m saying this, funny and charming. I don’t know what to do with this new Stefan. He should be paired with Caroline more often. Then when you throw in that firecracker, Bonnie, you get some good stuff. That’s who I missed this week! Bonnie! She should have gone on the road trip with Damon and Alaric! Now that would be a threesome. Take that however you wish.

SWD: Yes, there are 2 parallel threesomes this week. First we have Elena and the eye candies on the road trip. And we have Stefan with WitchBonnie and VampCaroline basking in the sun of her bedroom. Manage-a-Vamp!

EC: Vanessa, Isobel’s assistant looks familiar…Eureka! It’s the Trinity Killer’s daughter from Dexter! She almost killed Elena! She shot Damon.! She gave vampire and werewolf info that I ignored, because I was too busy having Damon and Alaric fantasies. I’ll try to focus on important information and not hot men the next time I watch it.
SWD: I don’t like Indiana Jane. I don’t know what they were looking at either, my mind was drifting too. You know, Elena is dumb. Damon or Indiana said something like, “Vampires hunted the werewolves to almost extinction.” Elena “MENSA” Degrassi asks, “Why would they do that?” which I believe was right after they had just said a wolf bite will kill a vampire. Hmmm, maybe, like us, she wasn’t really paying attention either. You know, surrounded by all that hotness and threeway thoughts. Oh, but Indiana is there, that’d be swinging, not a threeway. #logistics. I think she was distracted when Indiana asked her if Damon could read minds. (EC: Like Edward! I betcha that he was the inspiration for that one!!) Then he said no, but he could hear her and that if she wanted something just ask which he followed with, “You want to see me naked?” Now I know I answered “yes”, as I’m sure you did too, Stace, as well as everyone else in the country that office (yes, Alaric too… this is our recap and I think the bromance can be slash-y).

Mmm, yes please, minus Elena

EC: Why is Tyler throwing a raging kegger in the woods? Have you seen the mortality rate in Mystic Falls? Large social gatherings are never a good idea. Mostly ones that involve being drunk and running around the woods. Think about it people!

EC: We have some wolf answers! I need to concentrate on the facts and not that Mayo was naked, sweaty, dirty…oh my. I’m okay! Turning into a werewolf does hurt! Being chained up in dark cellar type place is a good idea , unless you have an idiot nephew. Finally, you decide to be like True Blood and use real wolves and not CGI cartoons like Twilight. Good!

SWD: Let’s discuss the chains for a moment, because, they were good. I mean Good. Real Good. They ARE the chains from Fangtasia. They still have Eric juice on them. See Mayo’s abs? That is from residual hotness left from the Viking. Hot supe abs are catchy.

EC: If this van’s a rockin’! Why is Stefan peeking in? Oh my god, Stefan is a Peeping Tom! Dirty Stefan.

SWD: Well they were maddogging each other earlier in the day, when Mayo drove by. Maybe Stefan confused it as an eyeF***? Came back to “check.”

EC: Uncle Mayo jumping out of the window and spraying you with glass in his wolf form serves you right! Being that type of nosy is never good Mr. Salvatore. And don’t you go pretending you knew he was in there. I’ve heard that one before.
SWD: Hey, why isn’t Tyler shifting? Oh, he’s too busy getting c**kblocked by a dissolving glamour/ compulsion.

Wolf hormones aren

EC: Caroline made Matt her juice box. Poor Matt! First his sister turns into a vamp and is staked, followed be his mom continuing her cougar ways from when she was on the OC (Julie Cooper!) and now his lady love tries to eat him! That kid is not having a good year!
SWD: But Caroline went for that juice box like nobody’s business. she is one lusty vamp. Maybe I want her back on Damon, that’d be hot, like HBO hot. Vamp Skinimax.

EC: Snap! Forgiveness denied Damon! You were too sweet. Elena likes you sassy. If you delivered that apology with a side a snark you would be golden. Stefan gives her all the heartfelt loving she needs. Elena wants you to be the bad boy and so do I.

EC: Katherine’s back! Hooray!
SWD: And since Caroline’s humanity just dumped her, I bet she goes bad ass too. Ahh, Two evil bitches on the loose! Kind of like us, Stace!


Stacey vs. Stacey: We throw shoes at bitches

*NOTE I have no idea why the following picture came up when I googled “cartoon devil girls redhead & brunette”, but I’m including it*

Google makes no sense

Google makes no sense, but throws us little gems like this every now and then

Do Plaid Things: Sam’s shirts

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An Ode to the shirts of True Blood’s Sam Merlotte.

Quintessential Sam Puppy goodness

Ah Sam, your almost too tight western shirts are just too good not to mention. They embody you, you know, when you are actually in clothes and not running around in the forest, naked, after squirrels, deer, pigs, maenads, cows, etc.


1. Sunshiny Goodness

1.Here we have early Sam. It is a bright and cheery shirt, probably worn during some time with Sookie. It shows his connection to her sunbathing lightness.


2. Sams blue F* Me shirt

2.This is how you won us over, you dog, in the beginning of the show. You’d wear a nice blue that complimented your shaggy scruff. We loved it, we bit.  Also, notice the snap buttons on most of the shirts. Easy off for quicker shifting.


3. Plaid Epaulets

3.This “dude” shirt shows a playful Sam, probably with a good sense of humor. C’mon, it’s plaid on the shoulders, no one is going to think you have a dark side in your “Even  Cowboys Sing the Blues” shirt. Good way for Alan Ball to trick us into trusting Sam.

4. Get Some

4. Ahh, here you are comforting the Sook. You look nonthreatening and welcoming in blue. It’s drawing Sookie in. This is Sam’s date shirt.

Cuffs? or Wet?

5. Cuffs? or Wet?

5.Here’s a sexier Sam. It’s even tighter and the sleeves are shorter. I’m assuming it’s summertime in Bon Temps. At first look, it appears like waitress sleeve-type cuffs, but on closer look, I think it’s just wet. See, what I mean? Sam, wet shirt situations= sexy.

Shirts and Weaponry

6. Shirts and Weaponry, hinting at a bad ass?

6.Here you are with some sort of fighting object. This is hinting to us that you are going to roll up those plaid sleeves and get your hands dirty, up to your elbows, in vamp mess.

7. Sam the BAMF

7. Yep, I’m right. You wear a black shirt when you go on your whiskey and rage induced rampage. Sure, it does have white piping, but that just shows there is still a little goodness (and humor, ’cause c’mon, white piping? On a dude? *snickers*). Gone are the delicate days of beige for Sam. If you did shoot Tommy, I am assuming you will be looking very Johnny Cash in Season 4.

8. The Yin and Yang of Sam

8. Ah, the Season Finale shirt. We know, even with the crazy flashbacks and the weirdness with the Mickens, that our good ‘ol Sam is in there somewhere, as this shirt shows. It is both black and white, intermingling within itself. It shows the inner conflict of good and evil in Sam. This shirt represents Sam’s struggle.

In conclusion, a lot can be said about the progression of the shirts. Both stylish and  clingy, yet telling, Sam’s shirts are nothing less than “fetching”. I sense a trend coming on.

Bitches are fierce

Bitches are Fierce

See what I mean. LeStew ALWAYS copies the hot dude’s shirt style.

But it may be catchy…

I take my Sam shirt seriously. You don't mess with SWD in a Sam shirt

…like when I spotted this bad boy in Target, I just couldn’t pass it up. I wanted a piece of Merlotte… I mean Merlotte’s epicness.

< Now that’s sheer!

All in all, I think next season will be the Season of the missing shirts, if we are going by the books. So, expect this look for our Sammy next summer!

*side note* Every dog song imaginable came on the internet radio I was listening to while writing this post. I swear to Dog.

Interview with a WereShifter part deux

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Going Down South w/the True Blood & Vampire Diaries Shifters

  • Snarrling Wolf

    Let's Talk

After a long journey back from Forks, WA (where we recapped our interview part 1 with our friends at Letters To Twilight!) we now find ourselves on a first class flight, complete with comfortable seats, all of our favorite movies, champagne and of course hot, straight MALE flight attendants. (If you couldn’t tell already, this is “pretend”…shh…) We arrived in Louisiana to meet up with the shifter boys of True Blood and Vampire Diaries. This time around we had Lafayette cook up a spread of Southern comfort food for these boys, mostly after the embarrassing lack of food at La Push. #hostessfail. The difference here is, with these boys, they are all wicked hot and we WANT them to remove their shirts. Plus they’re of age…

Mayo and Tyler

Not a creepy uncle!

Location 2: MERLOTTE’S BAR & GRILL, Bon Temps LA

Uncle Mayonaise
Uncle mayo,Werewolf

EC: First question, I am concerned with the pain of shifting…
Tyler (Vampire Diaries): It hurts like a bitch.
Uncle Mayonnaise (Note: We call him Uncle Mayonnaise because they keep mumbling hot stuff’s name. We think it’s Mason which reminds SWD of mayonnaise…): Language Tyler. You speak nicely to these lovely ladies.

EC: *to Mayo* I think I love you. Umm…yeah…those twilight wolves just “poof” become gigantic wolves.

Tyler: *to Mason* Whatever, douche.

Alcide Herveaux
Howl for Alcide

Alcide: It’s not the most comfortable feelin’. I’ve heard tell of this Washington pack. I heard that their phasing doesn’t look real.
Can I get you ladies some iced tea?
snowwhitedrifted/ SWD: Sweet tea for me, thanks Alcide *winks while thinking, sweet tea? Are you kidding*. Hell, it’s after noon, make it a long island.

SWD: And Sam what’s your experience with the feeling of shifting?

Sam: It doesn’t hurt or anythin’. I can just turn into anythin’ I want. Just pick it. I like being a dog, but I’ve been a cow and even a bird. I don’t do cats.

Sam Merlotte: the Puppy
Sam Merlotte: the Puppy. Woof.

Hello, Mr. Williamson. I need the history of weres in Mystic Falls…oh…huh…really?…Thanks. Sorry girls, he hasn’t written it yet. Jumped on this werewolf band
EC: While you’re on the phone, ask him what Ian’s doing… and if I can get his number.
Lafayette : Here you go hookuhs, veggie burgers with bacon… extra pickles. *smirks*

SWD: Oh Sammy, you dawg! Tara says you bark.

SWD: Do any of your shirts get ruined when you shift? You have such a lovely collection of tight western shirts, I would hate for any of them to get harmed during phasing.

Sam: Well, like Eric has the abilities to make panties magically disappear, I can do it with my shirts. They’re safe.

EC: Sam, May I have one of those fine shirts? They look snuggly. You could continue wearing it, during the snuggling. I am so okay with that.

Tyler: Are we done? The Tarheels are playing on TV. This so lame.

Uncle Mason: Quit it, Tyler. You see, the legend of the werewolf in Mystic Falls…is …umm…

EC: You don’t know? I really can’t help you, because I don’t remember if werewolves were in The Vampire Diaries books and if they were I don’t remember. It’s been awhile since I was sixteen.

Uncle Mayo: Hold on a sec, let me call Kevin Williamson. wagon that Twilight started.

Lafayette and vodka
Dees Hookuh’s been drinkin’

SWD: *wonders if I could trade him Jacob Black’s cell number for some Viking V*

Lafayette: Hey Hookuh, *points to SWD* I have a blue sweater that wants to meet you.

SWD: *drools* …K

In enters OZ (Buffy) and George (Being Human)

OZ: EC, what are you doing here! Why are you salivating over these other wolves? I was your original wolf boyfriend.

EC Stacey is always, somehow,In the land of Oz

George: Pardon…I don’t actually know why I am here. I was supposed to meet a Mr. Pattinson in New Orleans. I was going to fly back to England with him. * pushes glasses up on his nose * My friend Mitchell, would like to teach him what real vampires who can walk in the sun are supposed to do. (Note: Watch this show!)

HoooOUCHwlll!!!! Yes, this hurts like a MoFo!

SWD: Oh that Mitchell *I want a pint of his Guinness*

Lafayette: Come on in, wolf boys. Let me get you some bowls of Terry’s Chili. I like men that can eat, unlike those NASTY vampires.
* EC and SWD think: NASTY!….Yum..
Lafayette: When you hookuh’s interviewin’ witches cause I’ve got some shizz that needs discussin’
Jason: *Awkwardly stumbling in the bar * Hey y’all. Am I panther, yet? I feel kinda funny…

Here Kitty kitty kitty
Here Kitty kitty kitty

Look Tinkerbell, Stefan Can Fly

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* Like a fish has to swim, a recap needs spoilers! *
EC:  Let me first say, I will be rereading the Vampire Diaries books, you see “Steve” and I had an interesting conversation about the show and the books.  You see, back in the day, during the first release of the books, “Steve” and I read them religiously.  They must have made a lasting impression, because we remember nada.  We do think that the show is probably nothing like the books, which is not a concern.  Not only, because it stars Ian Somerhalder, but Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec are really making it an enjoyable show.  Is it perfect? Nah.  That just makes it even more special 


EC:  You know what the first thing I thought of when Caroline was sucking down the blood from the IV bag? Bella with the using a straw to suck up her cup o’blood.  It’s less disturbing watching Caroline doing it, because you know she’s not pregnant.
snowwhitedrifted: Yes, I thought, Hey look, the blood bag is like a Vampire Capri Sun pouch.

EC:  This show and their Cougaritas.  I love it.  Watching my boy, Damon get all flirty with them, is funny.  Wait there’s my new boyfriend, Uncle Mayo! SWD came up with this and I love it! (I now know it‘s Mason, but honestly, it took forever to understand what they were saying. Enunciate, people!). Tyler has no shirt on, your turn Mayo…wait for it…no…now…no…fine.  Tyler will do.  Hey what were they saying? I was too busy willing Mayo to shed himself of the sweaty shirt.    

Arm Wrestling

Hottie (well one hottie and one coldie) arm wrestling

SWD: I was really tired when I was watching this. I kept falling asleep and having to rewind back to the homoerotic semi-shirtless wolf scene with Uncle Mayo’s aggressive tendencies intervention speech. I also liked the arm wrestling. Man activites are so cute when supes do them. 

 EC:  Damon is worried about the “secret” of the Lockwoods.  Hey, Pretty Blue Eyes I figured that one out last season.  Some good lines in this scene…
Damon:  “All the forest animals band together to fight back…”
Then Stefan finally gets in a good one: “Sorority girl sipping for dinner”

EC:  This Caroline plot is frustrating me in two ways.  First I wanted Whiny the Vampire Slayer to actually become the vampire.  Wait…no…he would still be emo and we already have our Edward in Stefan.  Okay, then this:  they are going to make Caroline a good vampire, because her love of Matt.  I am playing a tinny tiny violin.  Caroline could be hardcore and give Katherine a run for her money. She showed potential in the Damon showdown. Then she kills the potential Bonnie boyfriend… BTW, that young lady is a messy eater.
SWD: I kind of dig her as a vamp, girlfriend has got some good crying skills. I liked when Stefan turned into her youth group counselor and coached her through her face phasing. He’d make a good birthing coach, you know, if you didn’t get the drugs. I didn’t have a birthing coach, I opted for the drugs. In fact, I wanted the epidural the moment I found out I was pregnant. Tangent. But Stefan tells Caroline to just exhale away her eye wrinkles. I tried that, it doesn’t work.

EC:  Bonnie! Could the girl get at least a little something from the boys?  She’s cute, she dresses nice and she would burn up a vampire with a look.  I have a feeling our friend, Julie Plec is looking at Willow from her days at Buffy for inspiration.  Now if you give her a wolf boyfriend in a band and then make her a lesbian, I will call a serious foul! I am still a little bitter about when my OZ left Buffy.
SWD: Did you see her boots in the fire scene? Cute. I went to Off Broadway to get some. 
EC:  Team Jacob shirts! ha!
SWD: Wait, what’s with “Team Jacob Shirts” What did I miss? Is this the part where I fell asleep and spilled wine on my house jorts, not bothering to rewind because my dog was sleeping on the remote?  


EC: Know what was funny, when Mayo beat Stefan at arm wrestling.  Oh and the Ninja Turtles and werewolves comparison.  Oh Stefan.  
SWD: There were a lot of turtle references this week on Supe shows. First, on True Blood, Sookie says “…as useless as tits on a turtle” Then we have another turtle reference on Vampire Diaries.


Turtle popularity soars!

Did the turtle coalition write an email to the AVL? 

EC: Whiny and Damon lovefest?  Eat him, Damon. Please.  Pretty please.  Or magically make him less whiny. Nah, snap his neck.
SWD: Seriously. Whiny the Vampire Slayer laced Damon’s liquor with vervain. That’s not right. You do NOT mess with  a man’s booze. Sure, bang his woman, steal his car.. but hands off of the Jim Beam.
EC: Bonnie was going to make Damon a crispy critter like TB’s Russell.  Those two and their messed up sexual tension.
SWD: They’re so gonna do it. I guess episode 10.

EC:  Something with the Lockwood’s and a pretty stone.  I was only paying attention to Mayo’s pretty.  Hey, I think I saw that same exact stone at the craft store called AC Moore.  I can pick up one for you, Mayo.  They recommend it to use when making decorative paperweights!
SWD: I thought it looked like a big ice cube. But it did take me back to my high school, crystal wrapping days. Ah, Hippie handicrafts.   

EC:  Oh boy, Stefan you can fly! Just like Tinkerbell! Alright and True Blood’s Eric can too.  If you started to sparkle, I was going to get Stephenie Meyer’s digits from the girls at LTT and have her sue the plaid shirt right off of you.

Flying Critter

Don't try this on EmoVamp

SWD: Did you hear he even said to Elena, “Hold on tight”. I shouted out “spidermonkey” because, well, you have to. He looked stupid flying. Even Eric looks retarded flying. If the viking god of vampires looks douche-y doing it, don’t try this with Stefan. 

EC:  Umm…Williamson did we not discuss the need for Alaric on last week’s recap?  Do not disappoint me next week.  You have been warned.  Miss you too, Katherine!  
SWD: Alaric just better be off in the Bahamas, unscheduleable for the beginning of season 2. I’m thinking, if he has been gone this long, they will bring him back with a bang. I offer my services for that. *smiles*

Talbot Goes Down the Drain

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*There will be spoilers, silly. It’s a recap! 

Lots of Pipe

Lots of Pipe

EC:  You know how Christmas comes once a year and until it arrives you are excited and giddy about the big day.  You just have to know what’s in those boxes, until you become possessed.  Then the big day arrives and it’s fun and exciting, almost everything you wish for.  Then it’s done, over, finished and the realization floods over that you have to wait a whole year for that feeling to come again.  Well, my friends, that’s what the True Blood finale was like.Okay, I just compared Baby Jesus’s birthday party to a TV show about blood sucking vampires (sort of, but not really), just hear me out. The season leading up to the big day is full of the anticipation, the build up, the big climax.  The wham, bam, thank you ma’am, then it’s just over.  Never mind the Christmas analogy the True Blood finale is like sex.  Which is more appropriate really.   So here’s the lowdown of the finale episode of the summer.  Let’s see if the images, that Alan Ball left us with can carry us over to “The Season of the Witch” and hopefully, if Ball loves us at all, “The Season of the Eric Shower Scene”. 

SWD: You know, the book4 shower scene IS the Leg Hitch of True Blood. Somehow, I don’t think Ball will dissapoint.  

 EC: Let’s start with the most important development, our Sookie finally got some kick ass in her.  SWD: She even slaps Bill all angsty-like. Good job, Sook! She has been slowly developing this new attribute all season, but it came to a climax tonight.  Maybe it was her new fairy powers, because shooting beams of light out of your fingers is pretty kick ass. SWD: That fairy light thing she runs at looks like a jellyfish spaceship. I think I saw it in Nemo. Bella and Elena, take notes, there are lessons to be learned.  Your boyfriends have the same possessive qualities, as Sookie’s southern gentleman, Mr. Bill Compton.  You see Sookie had enough and she let him have it. Actually, she told off all of her vampire suitors.  The best part, she made sexy eyes at Alcide, SWD: So did Bill, hence Eric’s line of the week, “When you two stop eye f*ing each other”  that hot piece of wolf.  Alcide…delicious since One Tree Hill. 

SWD: I like Alcide’s alpha voice when he says, “rabbitt”. Notice what he and the Sook  are drinking? I think it’s Red Wolf.  

EC:  Oh no she didn’t ! Sookie poured Talbot down the drain! His Twitter name is now changed from @Talbot_inAJar to @Talbot_downTHEdrain.  (SWD: I suggest @MT_Jar) You can send him a tweet, but I don’t think he’ll be getting back to you.  SWD: *note-tweet him @Talbot_InAJar, he’s funny*

SWD: Later in the show, Ginger is polishing Talbot’s jar. It’s so sparkly, I wonder if it would sparkle in the sun or burn, you know, since it had vamp bits in it. If it sparkles, maybe Eric can send it to the Cullens. It’d look good on their mantle. 

EC: Russell was a crispy critter.  He probably didn’t smell too good either.  

SWD: He was flaking off too. He remind me of a burnt marshmellow. Also, when they were in the sun and Eric “sounded his barbaric YAWP o’er the rooftops of the world” we got another peek at Godric. I think he looks like Joaquin Phoenix, without the crazy. That’s sad, when a definitely Dead 2000 year old vampire looks like the un-crazy one. 

EC:  I love Sam.  I love Sam’s shirts.  I love that Sam made Tara yummy pancakes for breakfast. I just love, love, lo…wait, did he just shoot his little brother?!? Sam, what’s up with that.  I know he turns into a vicious pitbull, but that’s just cruelty to animals and umm…your brother.   

SWD: Tommy’s not “Green”, you saw how he left the apartment, so it’s ok to shoot him. Remember Tommy, “Green is good”. Also, I think Sam and Terry go to the same barber. Or use the same setting on the flowbee, “pseudo mullet”. 

EC:  Did something happen with the inbred panther people.  I have only been sort of paying attention.  Checking Twitter at the same time and writing emails. (SWD: Ha ha ha, so true!) Is Jason a panther, yet? Did I just spoil that? I warned you at the beginning, sillies.  Also, that group is like Bon Temps version of Deliverance.  All you need is an albino kid playing a banjo and some creepy, toothless guy telling Jason to. “Squeal like a pig”.  Hey, that’s creepier than the vampire stuff.  

SWD: Calvin borrowed that stained wifebeater from the papa Mickens collection.  I’m surprised they killed Calvin. He has a bigger role in the rest of the books than Bill.  

EC:  Angel and Lafayette are witches.  Nicely done, Mr. Ball.  When you decided not to kill off Lafayette in season two, I thought you were only going to use him for some well needed sass, but no. He’s going to bring he awesome and his one liners into the next season. Yay!  

SWD: As a Catholic, I find “Jesus” being a witch very funny. Oh, sorry, brujo. WTF is that? I thought I was up on my witchery. 

EC: Hoyt and Jessica, reunited and it feels so good.  Wait…creeptastic doll.  That’s never a good sign! Duh, duh, duh!

SWD: Hoyt’s getting sexier. I like him in red. Speaking of red, what was up with Eric’s red shoes? How did those get by Pam?  He looked like an old school Beastie Boy. I’m hoping they got left in the concrete. I will forgive him for the shoes, since boyfriend can wear cement like it’s a Tom Ford suit. When Eric told Bill he wanted his phone back, I immediately thought of the Rob Phone pants. I wondered how Eric’s phone would look in his velour track pants. No?

 EC:  Bye Tara! I’ll miss you and your angst, girl.  You have had a tough time, with the men.  Oh my, your hair looks like a Chia Pet.  See a stylist, now! (They need an Alice on this show. Fashion faux pas would never happen.)

 EC:  Finally, Bill and his new “dark” side.  Oh Bill, I’ll never find you scary.  I will forgive you for throwing my Eric and Pam in the concrete, if you just take care of Queen Sophie Anne. SWD: Hello, Sophis Anne’s outfit, fabulous! I think that’s going to be my Halloween costume. I liked the red skirt, very black widow. Obviously Char Har isn’t in charge of the costumes. Wait, he went after Sookie, so he could taste test Sophie Anne’s Happy Sookie Meal.   SWD: Sophie Anne and Bills Vampire Fight Club. Bill looked like a retarded ninja. Oh Bill and Eric, too. You both were acting like creeps. I will forgive you, Eric if you’re wearing that sweater.  Alcide, on the other hand, so nice.  Whoa…I’m Team Alcide. 




SWD: I like watching Alcide and Eric talk to each other. I like it a lot. Keep talking while driving that truck, Alcide. Keep talking to the Viking. Actually, there may be a fic about this. Anyway, back to the concrete scene. There are some good shots of Eric that really enhance his cleft and man cleavage. Plus I like when hs accent goes all Texan. Keep talkin’, cowboy, keep talkin’.

EC: On a final note: RIP Franklin. Your special brand of crazy will be missed on True Blood. Until next season, True Blood. Luckily, the Salvatore Brothers will keep us company until your return.

TB finale 96 is my new lucky number. Krisp but still tasty

Vampires and Italian Food

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I watch Vampire Diaries really early in the morning, really, really early, like 5:30 AM- long before I’ve eaten breakfast (which is a berry Power Bar in the car on my way to work, not very satisfying when you’ve been watching a smörgåsbord of Italian food… can it still be a smörgåsbord if it’s Italian? I don’t care. I’m keeping the scandinavian reference, because, well… you know). It seems, every other episode, they are unpacking some delectable goodies from a large take out bag. Various pastas, salads, and of course numerous pizza deliveries have graced my computer screen. Besides whetting my appetite for tomato based goodness, and peeking my curiosity about how they can possibly afford all of that take out, I noticed that Italian food is almost always the food of choice in Vampire shows.     

EC Stace: Also for creatures that hate the garlic, those Salvatore bros, sure do like the smell on Elena. No freesia lovin here (Twi).    



Infamour Merlotte's Pickles

The exception to this is True Blood. You know, ’cause it’s set in the South. Grits, pancakes cooked in bacon grease, and gumbo, ya’ll. And don’t get me started on my desire for a Merlotte’s burger… oh Sam, those pickles.

EC Stace: I love Sam’s pickle… I mean pickles 

C’mon, who hasn’t craved mushroom ravioli after a viewing of Twilight? Or perhaps some prosciutto hand sliced by Carlisle for Bella’s Italiano? 


Carlisle's Prosciutto


So, is marinara supposed to be the human metaphor for blood consumption? Hell if I know, I just want some veal parm.    

Italian food

Breakfast for Vampire lovers?